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The team of kartECO consists of qualified engineers, environmentalists and foresters with diversified experience and background specialized on public and private work studies as well as research and development co-funded activities and initiatives.

Our team is constantly engaged in promoting scientific knowledge in environmental and energy related topics and increasing public awareness about eco-friendly solutions for modern society. Therefore, it is actively participating in capacity building workshops, technology forums, academic lectures and other training events. Furthermore, proving that our work and progress is continuously approved from the scientific society, our team has already published numerous papers on environmental, forestry, remote sensing and energy topics in scientific journals and conferences.

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Image of Dr. Apostolos Karteris
Dr. Apostolos Karteris Co-Founder
Dr. Environmental Engineer

Co-founder and Head of Business Development in kartECO. Environmental Engineer with Doctorate on wastewater treatment modelling. Holder of Ministerial License for Environmental Assessments in Greece. Project manager with 20 years of experience on EIAs, environmental auditing, ecological assessments, SEA, capacity building regarding environmental legislation, field sampling, etc. Managerial coordinator on international resource management projects funded by IFIs (UN, ENABEL, WB, Europaid. etc.).

Image of Dr. Marinos Karteris
Dr. Marinos Karteris Co-Founder
Dr. Mechanical Engineer

Co-founder and Financial Manager of kartECO. Mechanical Engineer with Doctorate on large-scale utilization of solar energy in the urban built environment. Holder of Ministerial Licenses for Energy & Electromechanical Public Studies in Greece. Certified Energy Auditor in Greece for buildings and HVAC systems and Lead Auditor of Energy Management Systems as per standard ISO 50001:2011. Project manager with 12 years of experience on energy saving, RES exploitation, air quality and climate change, energy audits, energy management systems and IT environmental tool implementation.

Image of Dr. Michael Karteris
Dr. Michael Karteris External Partner
Emeritus Professor, AUTH

Emeritus Professor and Former Director of Forestry Management and Remote Sensing Laboratory. Expert on forestry aerial photography, remote sensing, natural resources cartography, GIS and forestry photointerpretation. Project manager in the forest management, mapping and cadastre related projects of kartECO.

Image of Dr. Emmanouel Tsiros
Dr. Emmanouel Tsiros Project Manager
Dr. Agro-environmentalist

Agro-environmentalist with PhD in Satellite Agroclimatology / Hydroclimatology and MSc in Sustainable Management of Aquatic Resources. Holder of Ministerial License for Environmental Studies in Greece. Project manager with 18 years of experience in remote sensing and GIS applications, field surveys in natural environment, yield and climate modeling. He is the Technical Manager of remote sensing and regional forest cadastre projects and mainly engaged in international and R&D projects.

Image of Dr. Dimitra Rapti
Dr. Dimitra Rapti Assistant Manager
Dr. Forester / Environmentalist

Forester / Environmentalist with a PhD on Ecology and Rangeland Management. Expert on ecology and rangeland landscape diversity. She is mainly engaged in natural environment and GIS projects of kartECO.

Image of Panagiota Kasapidou
Panagiota Kasapidou Project Manager

Environmentalist with MSc in Environment - New Technologies and MSc in Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development. Project manager with 16 years of experience on EIAs, ecological assessments, environmental studies, field studies, etc. She is the responsible of the quality assurance and mainly engaged in the tender and procurement preparations.

Image of Kosta Gazos
Kostas Gazos Assistant Manager

Konstantinos is an alumnus of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the department of Spatial Planning and Development. He is mostly engaged with EIAs, field surveys and GIS mapping concerning renewable energy plants, development projects and other private investments.

image of Afroditi Sipitanou
Afroditi Sipitanou Assistant Manager
Forester / Environmentalist

Forester / Environmentalist with MSc in Analysis and Management of Manmade and Natural Disasters. Expert on forest studies, ecological assessments and EIAs. She is mainly engaged in the forest management, mapping and cadastre related projects of kartECO.

Image of Dr. Stefanos Ispikoudis
Dr. Stefanos Ispikoudis Assistant Manager
Dr. Forester / Environmentalist

Forester / Environmentalist with a PhD on General and Forest Ecology and Silviculture. Expert on environmental and ecological surveys, forest inventory and propagation of forest plant species. He is mainly engaged in natural environment projects of kartECO.

image of Eleni Tokmaktsi
Eleni Tokmaktsi IT Manager
Geologist / Geophysicist

Geologist with MSc in Applied Geophysics. She is experienced with desktop GIS, web development and programming. She also possesses experience in Geophysical measurements related to environmental and technical issues as well as natural resources exploration. She is mainly engaged in IT-related projects of kartECO.


Our organization

The company is divided in several departments according to the sector of interest. The company's structure provides our expertise individuals with high sense of responsibility to efficiently address any challenging activity.

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