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International activities

Our international activities

High priority of kartECO is to participate in international projects and pursue development initiatives in foreign countries with expanding environmental and energy markets. The last few years we constantly engage in innovation research calls as well as in international tenders and procurements on topics related to:

  • environmental protection and management,
  • sustainable urban and rural development,
  • climate change mitigation,
  • natural resource preservation,
  • energy saving in building sector,
  • renewable energy utilization and,
  • well-being and public health protection.

Within research and innovation programs (e.g. Horizon 2020), our team is collaborating on permanent level with national higher education institutes, public and private research organizations, NGOs, other SMEs and enterprises and external freelance experts.

Additionally, within pursuing projects procured by international organizations, funds and development programs (e.g. ESA, UNDP, WB, BSEC, EBRD, etc.), kartECO has developed strong links and cooperations in the EU and in other rising economies outside Europe.

Particularly, our collaboration network comprise major international key players in environmental consultancy market and is constantly extended in Balkan countries, such as Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania, in Black and Caspian Sea countries, such as Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey and Armenia, in African countries, such as Rwanda, in Middle East countries such as Lebanon, and last but not least in Cyprus.

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