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Welcome to the official site of kartECO. The team of kartECO has been especially organized and staffed since 2007 as an environmental and energy engineering consultancy in order to provide high quality services on national and international level.

The main activities of the company are:

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Cadastral Surveys and Mapping

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Research & Development

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Environmental IT tools

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Bauder green roofs distributor

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Founding members of kartECO are Karteris Apostolos, Dr. Environmental Engineer and Karteris Marinos, Dr. Mechanical Engineer. Permanent external partner of the company is Karteris Michael, Emeritus Professor of Forestry at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The team of kartECO consists of qualified engineers, environmentalists and foresters with diversified experience and background specialized on public and private work studies as well as research and development co-funded activities and initiatives.

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The company is a multi-expertise engineering consulting firm, constantly engaged in a wide range of activities related to:

  • environmental protection and management,
  • forest and land cadastral surveys,
  • energy saving in building and industrial sector,
  • renewable energy sources implementation,
  • GIS and Remote Sensing utilization,
  • IT tool design and development for environmental applications and,
  • international research programs and development projects.

Main target of our company is to infuse the above topics with sustainable development and well-being. To this aim, our team provides advanced engineering consulting services both to private and public sector, by continuously seeking efficient key solutions, de-signing innovative tools and implementing state of the art environmental practices.


Our company history

2007 Our foundation
2010 Participating in our first international project regarding energy saving
2011 Initiating our first research project on intelligent monitoring of air quality
2015 Succeeding an annual turnover over 1M€ completing our 1st Forest National Cadastral project in Greece
2016 Participating in our first HORIZON 2020 research project
2016 Being certified according to ISO 9001:2015
2017 Awarded for our innovating environmental tools in air quality
2018 Awarded with an environmental project under European Space Agency
2021 Awarded with our 2nd Forest National Cadastral project in Greece